A Life of One’s Own

Writing Women, which is about women’s life-writing (mostly autobiography, but a bit of fiction too), has various motivations. I was signed up to attend a workshop on academic blogging which required me to have a WordPress to play about with. More than that, though, after six years of studying English Literature I’ve become a bit disheartened with the lack of coverage for female writers, of past and of present.

This idea pops up in the media every now and then, like in this (slightly outdated) article about the Canadian professor David Gilmour who apparently refuses to teach on female writers, and in For Books’ Sake’s #BalanceTheBooks campaign which they ran last year in response to news that with each passing year there are fewer and fewer female writers on the GCSE syllabus. There is also this great blog on how terrible white male authors are. Basically what I’m saying is that the lack of female writers, both inside and outside of academia, isn’t a particularly original complaint.

What I hope is original though is that I’m blogging about women who have dared to write their own lives, and my aim of covering a broad period of time and spectrum of women’s experiences, from slaves to suffragettes, from Virginia Woolf to Lena Dunham. We’ll see how it goes. Suggestions and feedback welcome!